Mutagenesis in Medicine
Early Cancer Institute, University of Cambridge

Laura Heskin

PhD student

Laura is an MRC-DTP student exploring the clinical use of mutational signatures for cancer treatment and early detection. At present, her research is focused on characterising sequencing artefacts in whole genome sequencing data from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) patient samples.

Laura was awarded Best Presentation at the 2021 University of Cambridge MRC-DTP Symposium. She also presented her work at the 2021 Michaelmas Term Downing College SCR/MCR Seminar Night.

Laura graduated from the University of Leeds in 2019 with a Distinction in MRes Medicine.  She conducted her masters research into the glioblastoma blood-brain barrier as part of the Mavria group before moving to work with the Stead Glioma Genomics group as a Visiting Scholar.

After her masters, Laura worked as a Research Technician in the Division of Oral Biology, University of Leeds. Here, she maintained the School of Dentistry tissue bank, and specialised in both histology and microscopy.

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