Mutagenesis in Medicine
Early Cancer Institute, University of Cambridge

Dr. Jan Czarnecki

Web Developer

I develop Signal with Scott Shooter. While we’re both involved in all aspects of Signal, I focus more on the backend server architecture of the website.

I obtained my undergraduate in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Bath in 2008 and then a PhD in computational biology from Birkbeck, University of London in 2015. After working in academic services, and getting a taste for web development, at the Institute of Cancer Research for a couple of years, I joined the team in 2017.

Published Works

  • Degasperi, A., Amarante, T. D., Czarnecki, J., Shooter, S., Zou, X., Glodzik, D., Morganella, S., Nanda, A. S., Badja, C., Koh, G., Momen, S. E., Georgakopoulos-Soares, I., Dias, J., Young, J., Memari, Y., Davies, H., & Nik-Zainal, S. (2020). A practical framework and online tool for mutational signature analyses show inter-tissue variation and driver dependencies. Nature cancer, 1(2), 249–263.
  • Czarnecki, J., Nobeli, I., Smith, A. M., & Shepherd, A. J. (2012). A text-mining system for extracting metabolic reactions from full-text articles. BMC bioinformatics, 13, 172.

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