Mutagenesis in Medicine
Early Cancer Institute, University of Cambridge

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant focusing on the development of methods in the mutational signatures field.

My studies have always been regarding computational biology. Indeed in 2019, I graduated in Bioinformatics at the University La Sapienza of Rome and in 2021 I graduated, as master’s degree, in Quantitative and Computational Biology at the University of Trento. During my master’s degree I have been part of the ERASMUS+ program, which has made possible my internship in this group.

Since January 2022, I’m employed as research assistant in the Nik-Zainal group.

Published Works

  • Degasperi, A., Zou, X., Amarante, T. D., Martinez-Martinez, A., Koh, G. C. C., Dias, J. M. L., Heskin, L., Chmelova, L., Rinaldi, G., Wang, V. Y. W., Nanda, A. S., Bernstein, A., Momen, S. E., Young, J., Perez-Gil, D., Memari, Y., Badja, C., Shooter, S., Czarnecki, J., Brown, M. A., … Nik-Zainal, S. (2022). Substitution mutational signatures in whole-genome-sequenced cancers in the UK population. Science (New York, N.Y.), 376(6591), science.abl9283.

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