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Alexander Ross

Academic Clinical Fellow

Alexander is an honorary specialty registrar in Clinical Genetics and a post-doctoral researcher funded by the NIHR. During his PhD Alexander explored the development of the human liver and intestine at single-cell resolution and developed the first stem cell based liver organoid model, which offers great promise as a tool to study the liver in health and disease.


 Key qualifications:

Wellcome Translational Medicine PhD Programme for Clinicians, University of Cambridge, 2019

Medicine, Imperial College London, 2012 (Triple Distinction)

BSc Molecular Medicine, University College London 2010 (1st Class Hons, Dean’s List)

First author publications:

Brandon T. Wesley*, Alexander D. B. Ross*, Daniele Muraro, Zhichao Miao, Sarah Saxton, Rute A. Tomaz, Carola M. Morell, Katherine Ridley, Ekaterini D. Zacharis, Sandra Petrus-Reurer, Judith Kraiczy, Krishnaa T. Mahbubani, Stephanie Brown, Jose Garcia-Bernardo, Clara Alsinet, Daniel Gaffney, Olivia C. Tysoe, Rachel A. Botting, Emily Stephenson, Dorin-Mirel Popescu, Sonya MacParland, Gary Bader, Ian D. McGilvray, Daniel Ortmann, Fotios Sampaziotis, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Muzlifah Haniffa, Kelly R. Stevens, Matthias Zilbauer, Sarah A. Teichmann, Ludovic Vallier. Single-cell atlas of human liver development reveals pathways directing hepatic cell fates. Nature Cell Biology.  Sep 2022 . *co-first author

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